Why do I feel guilty when it comes to the weekend, and I ask my partner for some help with our son for meal time and bath times, just so I can get on with MY things. Like running my business, and writing these blogs J

So as I am sitting here writing this, my partner is feeding our toddler, who is grumbling, and I know how he can stop him from grumbling, but if I chip in, I’d be left with the feeding, and I really need to use this ‘free’ time wisely.

Yet, here I am feeling guilty. Why? I have been a full-time Mum ALL week (for the last several weeks in actual fact, but who’s counting – apart from me). Why should I feel guilty? Perhaps it is the fact I am sitting in the same room and not helping him in a situation that I would welcome any help with open arms.

I have learnt through my toddler about the importance of setting boundaries. And I guess this is one of those boundaries that need to be set and made clear. I have requested the need for some ‘me’ time, it has been granted, end of story! So I change my guilt into gratitude. I feel alongside this silly feeling of guilt, extreme gratitude in being able to have some time set aside for me, just for me. So I focus, and carry on typing, feeling happy I can hear toddler and fatherly bonding in the background.  A much better shift in feeling.