When I sit down and think about being a Mum, I hear noise, I feel stress and see actions of multitasking, lots of moving parts all flowing alongside or into each other. Being a Mum never brings about a sense of stillness or peace.

And that is understandable. Being a Mum requires you to multitask at all times of the day, listen to a number of voices speaking all at the same time, whilst remembering meal times, sleep times, getting to places on time, as well as feeding the cat (or clearing up its vomit in my case, before a toddler stands in it or eats it).

But, what if it could be peaceful and quiet. What if you can create a world where parenting does take you to a feeling of calm and stillness. Can you even imagine?

This is what I am going to get across in what I am calling the “Slow-Down-Mummy” movement. Where Mum’s give themselves just 5 minutes a day, to sit in silence. Now I am fully aware the reality of this (at least it is for me) is having a toddler climb all over you, being very audible in the background. However if it is possible to just close your eyes, and calm YOUR mind, no matter what else is going on around you, knowing you have the power over your mind to calm it consciously. Ask yourself not to get distracted by the external noise, and random foot prodded in your ear. Declare the intention that each distraction deepens your stillness further. And make it so.

Five minutes can actually seem quite long in this manner, since we are actively concentrating on stillness. You’ll probably find there is little time for your mind to wander, which is a wonderful accomplishment for a stillness meditation.

Practise this each day for 30 days and let me know how you get on. After the 30 days, when you contemplate parenthood, are you able to reach peaceful thoughts, and drown out the noise and chaos that exists outside the Self