After another amazing coaching call with a mentor of mine within the SFM,

I finally, FINALLY understand what my purpose is and how to go about it.
This has literally come from many months of confusion, procrastination, buying random domain names that felt like “this is many business”, “this is my passion”, and even setting up websites in some cases.

I spent so much time re identifying myself, literally going to sleep with an idea, feeling like I have finally ‘got it’, only to wake up with a new idea, yesterday’s bright idea feeling a bit silly in the light of day.

Oh my god, I cannot tell you how frustrating this was for me! I was so fed up with myself for changing my passion every two seconds.
I felt lost.

I didn’t know who I was. How can I offer value. What am I supposed to be doing?!!

Who Am I?

There is enough content to answer that question for another blog (link), but for now, all I can say, the key ‘thing’ that helped me the most, where the incredibly patient and knowledgeable coaches I spoke to, until the penny finally dropped.

So I am now documenting all my struggles and hopefully solutions, to help others through those off-piste moments of confusion, to avoid months of procrastination and quite frankly, a waste of time!
If this is you, please leave a comment below, and I might be able to help you.

If you are interested in finding out more about my coaches and mentors who, in my opinion, are KEY in starting an online business, then please get in touch.