I found the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) in 2019 when I was on maternity leave with my first born.

I had been working in the corporate world for almost 8 years, and throughout those 8 years, I knew this was not for me. But the comfortable wage and security of monthly income balanced out the pain points, so as much as I wanted to find something more meaningful to do, I didn’t have enough courage or know how to action it.

And before I knew it, 8 years were gone and I was still feeling the same way as I did 8 years previously. Nothing had changed.

This was not a good feeling to have.

If I am honest, I knew deep down, one day, I would do something about this feeling, and leave the safe haven of my corporate career.

The thought of working in an unfulfilling job every day, living out someone else’s dream, continuously feeling unworthy and devalued, until I was 65+ filled me with dread!

My worst fear was to wake up one day and realise I had wasted my life away sitting behind an office desk.

My biggest ‘bugbear’ was being told when and for how long I can take my holidays. I could not abide asking permission to take some time off by a boss who I knew would be resentful of any holiday request. I felt like I did not have complete control of my life and this really made me feel uneasy.

Then I fell pregnant!

I embarrassingly have to admit the thought did cross my mind at the time of “this is my way out”.

I had a month of maternity leave before my baby actually arrived (he was 19 days late, but that is another story!). In that time, I had this glorious opportunity to read MY choice of books, and had the luxury of the entire day to do what I wanted to do. I filled it with listening to motivational You Tube videos, online courses and research into new business ideas, working from home opportunities, and university degrees to change career. It was a magical time for ME (and now I have a toddler, I realise how precious that time truly was).

My baby arrived, and for the next few months I was akin to a deer in headlights surviving the newborn haze. My baby was NOT the zen baby I had imagined, who slept peacefully and cooed cutely at his mother. He had terrible colic which meant he screamed when he was not feeding or sleeping….for quite a few months.

But when things calmed down, I was able to reflect again on my ambitions to change my life and start a new and meaningful career. This felt even more important now I had a child, as not only did I want to help other Mum’s out there with the huge amount of information I was absorbing and learning about newborns and surviving motherhood, but also I wanted to be an example for my son. I wanted my son to be proud of his mother, and not describe her as “she works in an office”.

I wanted to be known for something. For making a difference.

But what?

Well this question has been an ongoing question for quite some time, and the topic of some other blogs, but everything changed when I discovered exactly what I had been searching for.

I found an educational system online that incorporated all my beliefs about why I wanted to start my own business, as well as giving step-by-step tutorials to guide you to do exactly that.

I researched the company long and hard for quite a few nights, as I was very aware of scams, particularly in the ‘start your online business’ world. Although very reasonably priced, it was not free, which also made me wary of any small print I might end up being liable for. I was undecided, and eventually forgot about this offer and company.

The following month, my sister-in-law and her family visited for a family joint 70th birthday party and they stayed with us for a week.

She had also expressed dissatisfaction in her corporate career, and a mother of two young boys, felt she was missing out on their childhood by spending long hours in the office.This trip was different though. She could not wait to tell me that she had started a website and blog about an idea she has had for years. She was so excited to have finally started, and she explained it was all down to an online education platform that taught her step-by-step how to set it all up and create a business from her idea. She was actively marketing it, and I could see her followers (we saw them increase every day!). I noticed how this had changed her general attitude for everything she did in life. She was vastly more happy. She no longer saw her corporate job as a drag, as she knew it would not be long before her online business would surpass it and she could leave. (As I write this, she has left her corporate job and focuses solely on her online business!).

I was eager to know more and asked her which education platform she was using. The name rang a bell! And instantly I was reminded of the company I had researched which turned out to be the exact same company.
I did some more research and watched a free video series the company provided, read some testimonials, and signed up. I had nothing to lose as they offered a 30 day full money back guarantee, which gave me the confidence to sign on the dotted line.

So I started right there and then.

The modules are easy to follow. It’s as if someone was sitting over my shoulder telling me which button to press next. And if I had a question, online support was there for me 24/7.

I sat up late for the next couple of week and was able to complete all the modules, and have a working website up and running. Hurray! I was in business.

Of course, starting a business is not just about following steps, it’s about mindset. Probably 80% mindset I now believe. This company is fully aware of this, and provides coaching, personal development books and a like-minded community to get you through the challenges you’re bound to face starting up anything new and unfamiliar.

If you’d like to know more, I can send you the same video series I watched that made up my mind.

Or you can continue to follow my journey here and see how it all develops!