An Avatar is your ideal customer. Who are you selling to? Make this as precise and detailed as you can, even to the extent of giving your avatar a name.

You need to answer questions about your ideal customer like:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Marital status
  4. Children?
  5. Where do they live?
  6. What job are they in?
  7. Do they like their job?
  8. What is their income?
  9. What are their qualifications?
  10. What are their interests?
  11. What do they do in their spare time?
  12. What are their personality traits?
  13. How do people describe them?
  14. What are their aspirations?
  15. Do they spend time online? If so, which sites do they visit?
  16. Which social media channels are they on?
  17. What do they want to change in their life?
  18. What makes them happy / unhappy?
  19. Why would they be interested in your product or service?
  20. How would your product or service change their life? Describe emotional changes.

Remember, and sometimes this is hard to accept, that starting a business, whether it be a product or a service, is NEVER about you. It is always about THEM. I’m sorry to say, none is interested in you, they are only interested in the “what’s in it for me” (WIIFM) aspect.

I am attaching some PDF’s that you can print out and use as worksheets for your own brainstorming.

I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to spend time on this.
My personal experience with this, is that I had an idea of my ideal customer. I thought I knew the person well enough in my head so I did not need to answer these questions or write anything down. I skimmed past this element of market research (I was far too eager to get started!).

But when it came to writing advertising copy, I was lost.

Through a number of emotional days (and nights!) feeling lost, confused, unsure where to focus my business, asking questions like “what’s my passion”, “what is my purpose”, and after numerous coaching calls with my mentors in my online education platform (a life saver), it eventually came down to me not having defined my avatar.

A simple question like: “who are you marketing to?” left me flummoxed.
I didn’t know.

I had unintentionally and subconsciously turned my business into ‘all about ME’!

Don’t do that 🙂

It is all about the customer. Always.

And not just any customer – your ideal customer. That one ideal person you are marketing to. What do they want? How can you provide value to them? What do they need right now, in this moment, to make their lives better?

That’s all you need to do as a first step for starting your business.

Simple? Yes it is actually. BUT, so important.

So don’t skip this step and make the mistake I did.

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