Hi, I'm Sian

and i believe you're worthy of more

I am here to stand for…

  • Fairness, truth, authenticity, fun, & understanding the mysteries of the world.
  • Challenging the status quo.
  • Encouraging people to think for themselves and live an authentic life run by them, and not others.
  • Being the CEO of your own life and living a life of fulfilment & passion.


To help & generously support others who believe there’s more to life, so that they find the courage to break out of the corporate world & traditional norms, light their sparkle again, and awaken them to have fun embracing their inner guidance and fully exploring their mysterious adventure called life…


I believe everyone deserves to feel fulfilled, worthy, confident, and happy in their own career/business. Imagine knowing that you are doing what you are meant to be doing in this world, and are making a difference in this world. I would love to take you on this journey with me. Below you will find the values that I hold dearest to my heart:

Truth, Exploration & Knowledge






It matters to me that we know the truth about "what is" & "what could be" so we can live to our full potential and make the most of this incredible journey of life!

- Sian Meeuwsen

Explore the magic of life

Life is full of magical things and I believe that every one of us deserves to experience it to the fullest whether that be the incredible wonder of having a baby and being able to fully be there without rushing around life’s pressures, nurturing a new life into this world, or researching the mysteries of whale song (I’m super passionate about humpback whales, especially interested in their song and how they communicate).

I am not only a mum of two little boys, sharing little ‘parenting hacks’ to make this journey more smooth, but also help mummies rediscover their lost identity after having a baby. I do this by empowering women to find purpose or passion in life and provide tools within a Harvard-style online training platform to set up a dream business. 

This gives you the information, enthusiasm and tools to create something you will feel proud of, to set a powerful example to your children, and bring back fulfilment, joy and purpose to your life. This is perfect for any Mum (or anyone!) who wants to break free from unfulfilled feelings of corporate office work, and ready to set sail in a community of like-minded people all working towards setting up a business founded around passion where they are the boss of their own life AND their work. 

Below you will find the first resource that has guided me towards creating the life of fulfilment for myself and I believe it could help you too.

If there was any chance of you still being able to live that life that you’ve been dreaming of, would you be ready to take it?

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